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Ticket ID: 1124
Submitter Name: Jen Sa
Submitter Email:
Submitter Phone: 2067351458
Region: NA
Country: United States

Latest Ticket Status: Ticket Completed
Last Status Update: June 24, 2019 at 3:05 pm
Date Submitted: June 22, 2019 at 11:41 pm

Service Request Description:


OSI Floor Submission tool is not allowing me to enter in new store data and generate a new store render ID. The page auto populates to location render ID “USCOS3776” and only allows me to update but does not generate a new render ID. After I update, it does not refresh and remains on “USCOS3776”

I have restarted my computer, tried 3 different browsers (Edge, Chrome, Safari) and all three refreshes to “USCOS3776” each time I try to “Generate location render ID.” I even tried to cancel the submission but it was not working.

The last render ID submission I was able to do was “USCOS3802”

Status Updates:

Ticket Status: Ticket Completed
Status Update Date: 06/24/2019 14:57:30
Status Update Notes:

Problem Solved. It was an old Draft version that was saved, yet never submitted. That is why the same information was showing up. Glad that we were able to get everything cleared up.

Ticket Status: Ticket Solution In-Progress
Status Update Date: 06/24/2019 13:50:36
Status Update Notes:

Hello there, do you have some time today to do a remote support session to get this issue cleared up for you? We were able to generate new Location Render IDs from our end on several different types of computers. Therefore, it may be something on your network or possibly your account. Worst case scenario, we delete you PM account and create a new one using another email address that you have access to. In the meantime, I will clear the server cache to see if that helps as well.

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